your grain storage

Zach Bros innovative new air system design
eliminates wet pockets in your grain,
changing hopper bottom bin aeration forever.


NorBin: the perfect fit for your farm.

Choose from two designs:

  1. NorBin Hopper with Full-Floor Hopper Bin Aeration.
  2. NorBin retrofit full air system, designed to fit in your existing hopper.

Our hoppers come in six different sizes: 14-feet, 18-feet, 19-feet, 21-feet, 24-feet, 27-feet… with more in the works!

We custom design and build, too.

Made of 100% galvanized steel, your NorBin will last for generations.

A little bit about us

We’re the Zacharias Brothers.

Located in the heart of southern Manitoba’s busy farming region, we’ve been setting up grain bins across the prairies with a combined 21 years of experience.

Farmers told us they need an effective hopper bottom bin aeration system, so we got to work and designed NorBin.